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Lounge Art Studio

Bringing imaginations in Web3 to life.

Digital Illustration

In The Lounge, we create narrative images that tell stories and catch the viewer's eye by conveying a mood or emotion. It has been our goal from day one to provide breathe taking illustrations to digital marketers, advertisers, and product owners across the web3 ecosystem. We are able to leverage our skills in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to bring high-end design-like illustrations to our global clients for the best prices within tight deadlines.
Illustration Styles: Realistic, Pixel, Retro or Vintage, Fantasy, Fashion, Fine Art, Line Art, Commercial, Concept Art, Picture Books, Comics, Anime, Caricatures, and Cartoon.
Illustration Types: Banners, Collections, Animations, GIFs, and more.

Collection Work

Our team has worked on countless collections within the Aptos and Sui ecosystem. Some collections we have created and designed include Lemur Lounge, AptoRobos, and Blurgers.
Our artists can create any type of banner that you may need for anything that you are trying to do. We do any type of style and any type of quality standard.
Lemur Lounge Airdropping
Aptos Monkeys Seeds Exchange
Lemur Lounge x Rekt Dogs
Aptos Dragons Roadmap