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Business Model

Why should you join The Lounge?

Creating Holder Value

We are building a truly riveting community helping to facilitate the adoption of the web3 space through artwork, storytelling, merch, and much more. Lemur Lounge is striving to create a brand beyond just the Web3 space, but also in Web2. Creating steady revenue streams in web2 through our lifestyle brand will help bring value to the holders of our digital collectables. All holders are given full IP rights to the Lemur they own and some already have underlying storylines behind their character.

How will Lemur Lounge generate revenue?

  • Lounge Art Studio
  • Custom Staking Solutions
  • Lifestyle Brand


  • Staking, Earn Token & Token utilities
  • Enabled To Earn Blue Chip or Trendy Digital Collectables by holding Lemur Lounge NFT
  • Metaverse ready
  • Commercial Rights/IP
  • Usable in every blockchain or non-blockchain metaverse
  • Holders access to other functionalities besides a PFP
  • Membership to The Lounge private club alongside other benefits for community members holding their Lemur to access private channels for information on events, upcoming drops, alpha group, and other advancements.

Educated Lemur Meta

We aim to bring even more utility by securing licensing deals via our brands IP as well as attending and hosting IRL events. Holders will gain access to tons of educational and beneficial resources about NFTs and cryptocurrency like alpha, analytical tools, and more.