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Meet the founders of Lemur Lounge.

Lemur Lawrence

About Lemur Lawrence

A marketing wiz in the space since 2009 using his 10+ years of knowledge and skills to bridge the gap between web2 and web3. He's dedicated to taking Lemur Lounge and web3 beyond the blockchain in order to build The Lounge into a unique lifestyle brand.


  • High-level experience in marketing & operations of multi-million dollar projects.
  • Well connected in multiple industries such as music, sports, and cannabis.
  • NFT Collector and a member of various highly regarded DAOs and communities.
  • Hella laid back, upfront, and to the point.🤙


About OxLemur

Digital illustration for 5+ years with an extreme passion for web3 and blockchain development. Ready to bring The Lounge visualizations to life and help build a unique lifestyle brand.


  • Highly experienced in marketing, creative branding, and conceptual art.
  • Community builder and management.
  • Digital illustration and web development 10+ years.
  • Cannabis Connoisseur + Grower with many connections in the cannabis industry.
  • Super down to earth, loves to vibe.🤙